Frequently Asked Questions
Can i earn as a free Member?

Yes, as a free Member you get 100 clicks daily. Each day you will earn 1 cent and 100 Points. After 100 Days you will have $1 to cashout and 10,000 Points for a free Bux110 Upgrade (Worth $10) Giving you 11 after 100 days. Either use this $11 to cashout or Cashout just $1 and repurchase the upgrade with the $10 to earn again...

You will also have access to Fixed ads advertisers purchase, and other earning options within the website.

Can i rent Referrals?

No, the process of renting referrals isnt profitable for members who dont know each strategy. We have also got a unique system that doesnt work with rented referrals. However you can purchase referrals, these are yours for life. But as with all referral purchases profit isnt guaranteed.

Why are there no 0.01 ads for standard members?

These are often self sponsored by admins and only work if there is a big interest by members leading to a ponzi style business structure. We offer free Members the 100 in 100 challenge, this is profitable for the member without costing the company much monet, as after 100 days we have advertising revenue from you viewing the ads to pay you your reward.

Will you be getting a grid, referral contest and other features?

No, we have a specialised business structure for this website to allow members to earn up to 150% back on their investment by just viewing ads. Free Members can also profit well by taking the 100 in 100 challenge both of these features allow for regular referral bonuses. Contests and other features will upset the balance of our economy, we only want a stable and strong economy.

Do i need to upgrade to get paid?

No, everyone has a $1 Minimum Cashout limit and can request every 10 days. There is no upper limit to your cashout size.

Standard or upgraded, if you have $1 in your account or more you can get paid.


*Payment is usually 24 - 48 hours after request.

Can i exchange ads with you?

Unfirtunatly we have a no exchange policy, these exchanges take extra time to monitor and govern and many unscrupulous website have been known to offer much less in return or an unfair review for turning them down. We have many referral benefits for website owners and admins to send us traffic with their referral link. It will be worth much more in the long run for you this way.

*Any support tickets for exchange offers or similar will be deleted.

We appreciate your understanding

Can i get a refund?

Yes. We offer a 100% refund guarantee for all deposits if the following conditions are met.

1. Refund request must be made within 24 hours of deposit by opening a support ticket.

2. Deposit amount must still be present in your purchase balance and not used for any purchases

3. If advertising credits have been purchased and not used, refund requests will still be considered.

4. Refund is for original transaction only, no alternate processor can be used.

Can i have more than 1 account?

No, anyone found creating multiple accounts, accessing the website through proxy or VPN, attmpting to run scripts or other malicious activities will be suspended, banned, blacklisted and reported.

Other things not allowed are:

Violent or aggressive behaviour,

Posting links on the forum,

Account sharing,


Please refer to the T.o.S for a full review of our rules.